A prominent feature in the bakery building is the clock tower, a typical feature in victualling yards and dockyards. Amongst the Maltese naval establishments, this particular turret clock is the oldest of all. It bears the maker’s plate of Matthew Dutton of London11 with the date 1810, which actually predates the bakery building itself.

The clock movement is also stamped ‘Suban Malta’ on various parts. The clockwork was originally designed to have four clock faces; however, the clock tower as designed by Scamp was meant to have only three faces, the fourth side being utilized as a large window to permit natural light inside the clock movement platform. Three bells strike the hours and the quarters, the two-quarter bells dated 1810, and the hour’s bell dated 1790 are marked with the arrow mark of the War Department. All bells are by the Mears Foundry of London, and are the oldest British bells in Malta.